Sunday, 15 December 2019
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More ICT oriented women population, who are encouraged to use recent technology for their hobbies, more healthy inactive women, who are better prepared to meet with working life in future, in case they decide to resume as they will develop their ICT skills via their hobbies. This will help to self-development of inactive women in a long run too and motivating more ICT based hobbies to grow.

Thus, here; you will find very exciting tools and learning material for supporting your hobbies. We have also placed many useful external links, which  will help you to widen your horizon!..portal content will help you to boost your skills in new technologies to let you better utilize your smart phones, tablets and PC's; then the content will guide you to develop your competencies, in fashion design for hobby purposes, finally you will find an extensive, externally linked audio and video content; through which you can utilize your social media accounts for your fashion design hobbies...

Welcome and enjoy!..

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